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"Jew & Gentile One in Messiah"

"the biblical truth lives here"

No Talmud (rabbinic teachings) and No Christian doctrine. Straight biblical teachings.

"The Route 66 Highway"...Genesis to Revelation the only perfect word of God!


Always remember Yeshua the Messiah is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

He was never a Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical, Pentecostal or any of the other 1,500 denominations of Christianity

He is, and always will be a Jew. And all the Talmidim (Disciples) were Messianic Jews

About BGMC


Who are we?

 We are Messianic Believers in the foretold Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

 What does Messianic Jewish mean?

 A Messianic Jew is a completed Jew. What do you mean by the word complete? A Messianic Jew knows who there Messiah is. The Messiah was foretold in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures called the TANAK.

The TANAK has over 400 Messianic prophecies in it. There is only one man to ever have lived to fit more than 3 of theses prophecies. His name is Yeshua. Most people know Him by His Greek name “Jesus”.

  Some very famous Messianic Jews

 These men gave up much earthly possessions to have heavenly treasures. There names are Mettiyahu “Matthew”, Yochanan “John”, Kefa “Peter”, Sha’ul “Paul just to name a few. 

What do we Believe?

 We believe that the Scriptures, both the TANAK (Hebrew Scriptures) and the Brit Hadasha (New Covenant), are fully inspired and are God's complete and final revelation to man until the Messiah returns. The 66 books of the Bible are inerrant in the original autographs. They are true and authoritative in every category of knowledge to which they speak. 

The Tri-unity

We believe that God is one but has manifested Himself in three separate and distinct Persons. Hence, we believe that God is a Tri-unity: Abba-Father, Ben-Yeshua-Son, and Ruach HaKodesh-Holy Spirit.


Learn the keys to greatness

Mat 5:19  Whoever, therefore, shall break one of these least mitzvot (Commandments), and teach others to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whoever shall do and teach them shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Come to BGMC and learn how to do this.




Messianic rabbi Andrew Dinnerman (Hanun ben Moshe)


Messianic Rabbi Andrew Dinnerman is a Jew born-a-new.  He is a believer in Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the only son of God, whose death and resurrection paid our price for redemption.  Messianic rabbi Dinnerman lives out a faith based strictly on the scriptures of the Bible.  His beliefs, therefore, include:  the GOD HEAD of Yehovah (Father), Yeshua (Son), and the Ruach Hakodesh (the Holy Spirit); the virgin birth of Messiah through an earthly mother, not father, which fulfilled the prophesy in B'resheet (Genesis); and the only way to Heaven, as described in the Gospel of Yochanan (John) by Yeshua, who said, "You must be BORN AGAIN".  Messianic rabbi Dinnerman very strongly believes that the greatest honor and gift from Yeshua is the overwhelming joy in leading people to the gift of salvation.  Messianic Rabbi Andrew calling is that of what the Prophet Yesha'yahu (Isa) wrote in chapter 42. Isa 42:4 he will not weaken or be crushed until he has established justice on the earth, and the coastlands wait for his Torah." Isa 42:5 Thus says God, Adonai, who created the heavens and spread them out, who stretched out the earth and all that grows from it, who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk on it: Isa 42:6 "I, Adonai, called you righteously, I took hold of you by the hand, I shaped you and made you a covenant for the people, to be a light for the Goyim, Isa 42:7 so that you can open blind eyes, free the prisoners from confinement, those living in darkness from the dungeon. Messianic rabbi teaches all PEOPLE no matter their color, no matter Jew or Gentile the perfect unchanging laws of the FATHER AND THE SON.

  Messianic rabbi Andrew was born to Jewish parents in New Jersey, USA, as an Israelite from the kingly tribe of Benjamin.  The family had been persecuted for their faith in Russia during the "pogrom period". The Russian government said leave or die.  This is why he was born in the United States of America. Messianic rabbi Andrew has been a husband for 31 years to Kelly, a gentile believer in Messiah, and father of 2 wonderful sons, Connor (Moshe) and Tristan (Yitzchak) . Connor now married to Consuelo. Now Andrew is "Pappa" to Elisheva


Messianic rabbi Dinnerman has had the blessed opportunity to share the Gospel and the roots of the faith in Uganda, India, Peru, Guatemala, Philippines, Israel, Colombia, and the United States.  His ministry has had 2 areas of focus that the Lord has grown over the years.  The first area is telling gentile Christians about their rich and wonderful history and how they have been grafted into the olive tree, which is Israel.  The Jewishness of the Gospel has been lost for many centuries, and now, in the end of days, the Israelites are coming to receive back their mantle as the older, "prodigal" sons returning home. During his travels, Messianic rabbi Dinnerman has found that most gentile believers have forgotten that Yeshua was born a Jew, raised a Jew, crucified a Jew, resurrected a Jew, and still reigns as Israel's King as a Jew.

The second area of ministry is teaching the Torah to all people. Many Messianic Jewish leaders shun the Gentiles and say they they do not have to follow the loving perfect unchanging "Commandments" given to us by Yehovah. This is a lie from the enemy and BGMC is here to teach anyone the solid biblical truths of the word. 

                Messianic rabbi Andrew Dinnerman is the founder and spiritual head of Beth Goyim Messianic Congregation in Fairview, New Jersey. Beth Goyim Messianic Congregation is like the first congregation/church at Antioch . Jew and Gentile one in Messiah. So it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Knowing Yeshua the Messiah is not about religion it is about faith. Beth Goyim means “House of the Nations”. At BGMC we reach out to our Gentile brethren to teach them there Heritage in Yeshua and to ground them fully in the word of Yehovah. For we believe we are in the last days and there is storm that is on the horizon. Beth Goyim also teaches how to be a light to Adonai’s chosen people the Jews. How to witness with respect and compassion.  

                Beth Goyim (House of the Nations) was formed in 2002 because of the burden Yehovah placed on my heart. There are not many places where people seeking the truth and following in the footstep of Messiah can go. BGMC is a place that “The Derech (Way), The Emt (Truth), and The Chi (Life)” is taught not rabbinic ways or church errors. BGMC was formed after this burden was placed on my heart by the Lord after a Bible study series at a friends home in the North Bergen area. The bible study went from 8 people to 30 in two weeks. People were rejoicing and praising God for allowing them to come to truly know their Jewish Messiah. The Messianic Congregation I was serving in for over 8 years in leadership did not want to take up there mantle of bringing the “Truth” to these people who had no way of getting from Union City to their Congregation. So after much prayer and fasting the Lord spoke to me audibly. He asked who shall I send and I said, He-nay-nee (Here am I). Our very first service 5 Muslims (3 Palestinian’s and 2 African’s) came to know Yeshua as their Lord. Now all these years later many people are coming from every tribe and tongue. We have truly become a "House of the Nations”.

Why the name Beth Goyim?

Isa 56:7  I will bring them to my holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer; their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples."

Mar 11:17 And He began to teach and say to them, "Is it not written, 'MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL THE NATIONS'

House = Beth in Hebrew  People or nations = Goyim in Hebrew

hence the name of the congregation...Beth Goyim

Messianic = meaning we believe and follow Yeshua the foretold Messiah of Israel

Congregation = group of people with a similar thought process.


Messianic rabbi 's Ordination


We meet on the Lord's Day "Saturday"

Every Saturday at 11 AM for Messianic Worship & The Word

Bible Study Tuesday night 7:30PM










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