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962 A time and a season for everything

SYNOPSIS: There is a time and a season for all things. In today’s lesson were going to study our choices. We have an awareness of eternity but we don’t really comprehend its vastness. What is eternity going to be like? What are we going to be doing in heaven? What will our new bodies be like? Who is going to be there? Why do we want to get into heaven? If it is so great why don’t we stay on the narrow path? Why do we break faith with the Kingdom? What happens when we do?


HASHABBAT LESSON HASHABBAT 1: THE REAL TRUTH. Kohelet (Ecc) 3:1-11 there is a great plan. D’varim (Deut) 32:1-14 as the winter comes we are promised something. Yochanan (Jn) 19:28-30 how could arrive at that conclusion. D’varim (Deut) 32:16-19 this is how you repay HIM. D’varim (Deut) 32:20-25 they aroused my jealousy. D’varim (Deut) 32:28-29 no common sense. D’varim (Deut) 32:35-36 vengeance belongs to who. D’varim (Deut) 32:43-47 HE chooses to show mercy when HE wants.



HASHABBAT LESSON HASHABBAT 1: THE REAL TRUTH. Kohelet (Ecc) 3:1-11 there is a great plan.


Ecc 3:11  He has made everything suited to its time; also, he has given human beings an awareness of eternity; but in such a way that they can't fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things God does. 


ETERNITY H5769 עלם / עולם ‛ôlâm BDB Definition: 1) long duration, antiquity, futurity, for ever, ever, everlasting, evermore, perpetual, old, ancient, world 2) for ever, always 3) continuous existence, perpetual 4) everlasting, indefinite or unending future, eternity


Ecc 3:8 

Ecc 3:1 


INTENTION – EVENT: H2656 חפץ chêphets BDB Definition: 1) delight, pleasure 2) that in which one takes delight


D’varim (Deut) 32:1-14 as the winter comes we are promised something.

Deu 32:13  He made them ride on the heights of the earth. They ate the produce of the fields. He had them suck honey from the rocks and olive oil from the crags, 

Deu 32:14  curds from the cows and milk from the sheep, with lamb fat, rams from Bashan and goats, with the finest wheat flour; and you drank sparkling wine from the blood of grapes. 


Deu 32:14 

Deu 32:3-4

Deu 32:5 


PERVERTED: H6141 עקּשׁ‛iqqêsh BDB Definition: twisted, distorted, crooked, perverse, perverted


Deu 32:6 


FOOLS: H5036 נבל nâbâl BDB Definition: foolish, senseless, fool


Deu 32:10 

Deu 32:12 

Deu 32:15 


ABANDONED – FORSOOK: H5203 נטשׁ nâṭash BDB Definition: 1) to leave, permit, forsake, cast off or away, reject, suffer, join, spread out or abroad, be loosed, cease, abandon, quit, hang loose, cast down, make a raid, lie fallow, let fall, forgo, draw 2) to be abandoned, be deserted


Deu 32:15 


SALVATION: H3444 ישׁוּעה yeshû‛âh BDB Definition: 1) salvation, deliverance 2) welfare, prosperity 3) victory




Yochanan (Jn) 19:28-30 how could arrive at that conclusion.

Joh 19:28  After this, knowing that all things had accomplished their purpose, Yeshua, in order to fulfill the words of the Tanakh, said, "I'm thirsty." Joh 19:29  A jar full of cheap sour wine was there; so they soaked a sponge in the wine, coated it with oregano leaves and held it up to his mouth. Joh 19:30  After Yeshua had taken the wine, he said, "It is accomplished!" And, letting his head droop, he delivered up his spirit. 


Deu 32:15 


D’varim (Deut) 32:16-19 this is how you repay HIM.

Deu 32:16  They roused him to jealousy with alien gods, provoked him with abominations. Deu 32:17  They sacrificed to demons, non-gods, gods that they had never known, new gods that had come up lately, which your ancestors had not feared. Deu 32:18  You ignored the Rock who fathered you, you forgot God, who gave you birth. Deu 32:19  "YEHOVAH saw and was filled with scorn at his sons' and daughters' provocation. 


Deu 32:18 

Deu 32:19 


SCORN – SPURNED: H5006 נאץ nâ'ats BDB Definition: to spurn, contemn, despise, abhor


D’varim (Deut) 32:20-25 they aroused my jealousy.

Deu 32:20  He said, 'I will hide my face from them and see what will become of them; for they are a perverse generation, untrustworthy children. Deu 32:21  They aroused my jealousy with a non-god and provoked me with their vanities; I will arouse their jealousy with a non-people and provoke them with a vile nation. Deu 32:22  " 'For my anger has been fired up. It burns to the depths of Sh'ol, devouring the earth and its crops, kindling the very roots of the hills. Deu 32:23  I will heap disasters on them and use up all my arrows against them. Deu 32:24  " 'Fatigued by hunger, they will be consumed by fever and bitter defeat; I will send them the fangs of wild beasts, and the poison of reptiles crawling in the dust. Deu 32:25  Outside, the sword makes parents childless; inside, there is panic, as young men and girls alike are slain, sucklings and graybeards together. 


D’varim (Deut) 32:28-29 no common sense.

Deu 32:28  " 'They are a nation without common sense, utterly lacking in discernment. Deu 32:29  If they were wise they could figure it out and understand their destiny. 


Deu 32:30 

Deu 32:32-33


D’varim (Deut) 32:35-36 vengeance belongs to who.

Deu 32:35  Vengeance and payback are mine for the time when their foot slips; for the day of their calamity is coming soon, their doom is rushing upon them.' Deu 32:36  "Yes, YEHOVAH will judge his people, taking pity on his servants, when he sees that their strength is gone, that no one is left, slave or free. 


D’varim (Deut) 32:43-47 HE chooses to show mercy when HE wants.

Deu 32:43  "Sing out, you nations, about his people! For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance to his adversaries and make atonement for the land of his people." Deu 32:44  Moshe came and proclaimed all the words of this song in the hearing of the people and of Hoshea the son of Nun. Deu 32:45  When he had finished speaking all these words to all Isra'el, Deu 32:46  he said to them, "Take to heart all the words of my testimony against you today, so that you can use them in charging your children to be careful to obey all the words of this Torah. Deu 32:47  For this is not a trivial matter for you; on the contrary, it is your life! Through it you will live long in the land you are crossing the Yarden to possess." 


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