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1The work of Adonai \Keeping Shabbat Holy P1 2 The work of Adonai Keeping Shabbat Holy P2 3 Adonai’s Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy P3 4 Adonai’s Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy P4

5 Adonai’s Rest Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy P5

6 Man’s Place” Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 6 7 Man’s Place” Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 7 8 The Gates Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 8 9 The Gates Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 9 10 The Gates Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 10
11 The Gates Rest Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 11 12 Sin offering & who should keeping Shabbat Holy Part 12 13  Buying or Selling on the Shabbat. Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 13 14 The Conclusion of the Matter. Keeping Shabbat Holy Part 14  


Keeping Shabbat Holy



In the Hebrew text, the word Shabbat appears 78 times. In the Greek text of the Brit HaDasha

(NT), the word for Shabbat Sabbath appears an additional 58 times. This is an astounding total of 136 (120 verses) scriptural references to one single word! As a powerful point of comparison, the term “born again appears only in the Brit Hadasha and only four times. The four occurrences are even more astoundingly paired together! The first pairing appears in John 3 and the second time together in 1Peter 1. It is profound. The Body of Messiah uses the term “born again as a foundational concept –yet the Scriptural references of that very term are few and far between. However, Adonai, and specifically Yeshua/Jesus in the Brit HaDasha (NT), teach about the Shabbat in far more Scriptures and in far more depth.

 This study is broken into 8 main sections 

I.        The Work of Adonai

II.        Adonai’s Rest

III.        Man’s Work

IV.        Man’s Place”

a.       Preparation Day an act of obedience

b.      Living in Humility a life that leads to obedience

V.        Shabbat Something Adonai’s Servants Must DO

VI.        The Holy Convocation

VII.        The Details According to Torah

a.       The City Gates

b.      The Shabbat Sacrifices & Offerings

c.       Who Must Obey the Command to Shabbat?

d.      The Punishment for Disobedience

e.      Buying or Selling on the Shabbat

VIII.        If that was not enough

IX.       The Conclusion of the Matter

X.       Appendix What about those home fellowships?




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