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Who is God?

What is He like?

1 Who is YHVH... He is Knowable.

God, who created the universe in all of its magnitude and creative details, is able to be known, by us. He tells us about himself, but even goes beyond that. He welcomes us into a relationship, so that we personally can get to know him. Not only can we know about him, we can know him, intimately.


2 Who is YHVH... He is Approachable.

God invites us to talk to him and engage him in what concerns us. We don't have to get our act together first. Neither do we need to be polite, theologically correct or holy. It is his nature to be loving and accepting when we go to him.


3 Who is YHVH... He is Creative.

Everything we make is put together with existing materials or built on previous thoughts. God has the capacity of speaking things into existence, not just galaxies and life forms, but solutions to today's problems. God is creative, for us. His power is something he wants us to be aware of and to rely on.


4 Who is YHVH... He is Forgiving.

We sin. We tend to do things our way instead of God's way. And he sees it and knows it. God does not merely overlook such sin, but is prepared to judge and condemn people for their sin. However, God is forgiving and will forgive us from the moment we begin a relationship with him.


5 Who is YHVH... He is Capable.

How would you like to be always 100% right, about everything? God is. His wisdom is unlimited. He understands all the elements of a situation, including the history and future events related to it. We do not have to update him, counsel him or persuade him to do the right thing. He will, because he is capable and his motives are pure. If we trust him, he will never make a mistake, never undercut us or deceive us. He can be fully trusted to do what is right, in all circumstances, at all times.


6 Who is YHVH... He is Honest.

Just like a person who lets you know their thoughts and feelings, God clearly tells us about himself, the possible difference being, he is always honest. Everything he says about himself, or about us, is reliable information. Truer than our feelings, thoughts, and perception, God is totally accurate and honest in what he says. Every promise he makes to us can be fully counted on, he means it. We can take him at his word.




God - The One and Only True God


LORD - He that is who He is, The eternal I AM


Lord – Master

El Shaddai

God Almighty - The All-sufficient One

El Elyon

Most High - Possessor of heaven and earth

El Olam

Everlasting God - God over eternal things

El Gibbor

Mighty God - The Only All Powerful God


Yehovah Yireh

The LORD will provide

Yehovah Rapha

The LORD who heals

Yehovah Nissi

The LORD is my banner, The LORD is my victory

Yehovah Shalom

The LORD our peace, The LORD gives peace

Yehovah Tsidkenu

The LORD Our Righteousness


The LORD is present

Yehovah Sabaoth

The LORD of Hosts, LORD Almighty, King of Glory




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