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SECTION 1: MY WAY IS BETTER THAN YOUR WAY. My way is better than your way. There are incredible promises to be found in the Holy Scriptures. Promises that will make you so happy. Promises of peace and prosperity. Promises of health and wealth of children. These promises can be found throughout scripture. But because our King knows that sometimes we don’t like to read His word He took the time out to put most of these blessing in two places. These promises can be found in Lev 26 and Deut. 28. When reading these promises there is much joy in the beginning of these chapters. After Yehovah tells us of these incredible, wonderful, happy things He puts a small word that changes those good promises to bad. That word is the word “IF”. This section will focus on past prophecies and there fulfillment today because of “IF”.

SECTION 2: CHOICES: You can’t walk someone else’s walk. Each person must bear their own cross. Each person must make their own choice to follow the wide road or go in thru the narrow gate. As parents many times we just want to do things for our children. We want to bless them with a happy carefree life. As our children get older they have to begin to make their own desiccations. Sometimes this can be very difficult on the father and mother. It is even harder to watch as the child grows into an adult and they sometimes make bad choices. Watching your children or family members make spiritual bad mistakes is even harder when for most of your life you were not following the narrow path. When we finally have the scales removed from our eyes and we circumcise our hearts seeing other people make choices that you know leads to hell is extremely difficult and painful. We cannot force someone to believe in the word or follow the perfect commandments. Each person must make their own choice. This section will give detailed examples of Good & Bad choices.

SECTION 3: THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL CHOICE. Memorial Day is a time when we honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. Remembering those people who boarded a ship to come to the new world so that they could worship the God of Avraham, Yitzchak & Ya’akov freely. Before leaving the ship they prayed to God and dedicated this land to God, to be a land that would serve His Holy purposes. They did this and it was the ultimate personal choice. Many of those first pilgrims died that first winter in Plymouth. They died so we could worship freely. The ultimate choice is when you get an incredible gift for all your sacrifice. The ultimate personal choice is doing something that you did not have to do but doing it anyway to bless someone. The ultimate personal choice is doing something for someone else knowing it is for their best interest but knowing that they may not even thank you. The ultimate personal choice a walking the walk and talking the talk not just for yourself but for all those you love. The ultimate personal choice is bringing a glass of water to a soul that needs the living water.


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