404 A Divided Kingdom Message

1Ki 11:30  Achiyah took hold of his new cloak that he was wearing and tore it into twelve pieces.                                     

Two incredibly large storms, earthquakes, and a greatly divided nation for the presidency. Is our God trying to tell us something? So many homes lost. So many people without power. So many people without heat. So many people without water. So many people without gas. So many people stealing from others. Coming in by boat in the dark to steal from people’s homes. Will what’s coming be for America only, or is it going to be worldwide?  What happens when a kingdom is divided?  How many nations in the world were ever dedicated to God? The answer is two. Can you name them? The answer is Israel and America.

America is a country that is truly divided spiritually. There are those that hold the truth and try their best to follow the bible. And there are a growing number of people who think that homosexuality is ok and that marijuana is ok for recreational use. Both of these later things that are contradictory to the word of God. In this message divided Kingdom we will look at the thigh covenant from Avraham and his servant. With that understanding we will now understand why Yeshua had written on His thigh King of King in Revelation. With that covenant understanding we will then look at how the Kingdom of Israel got divided specifically why it became divided. We will then get a fuller understanding of how the New Covenant gets torn into 12 pieces. Could it be the God of Avraham , Yitzchak , and Yaakov, is allowing division, because of this ancient covenant that we have allowed to slip through our fingers?   Why is this happening now? As we can see today there is a great division among the people. In this 5 part teaching, learn how this all ties together, and learn how this works with the kingdom of heaven of the  king of kings and Lord of Lords. Learn more about ‘The Divided Kingdom’ at www.bethgoyim.org, and listen to future messages live on Saturday, Shabbat, at 11 o’clock EST.


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