406 Inheritance 

What is the biblical discount double check? Is there such a thing? You mean that thing that the Packer’s Quarterback does? Where is that in the bible?

 Num 27:8  Moreover, say to the people of Isra'el, 'If a man dies and does not have a son, you are to have his inheritance pass to his daughter.

Inheritance H5159  נחלה  nachălâh  BDB Definition:  possession, property, inheritance, heritage

What do you think about the word inheritance?  How do you get an inheritance?  What are the stipulations for a son or daughter receiving an inheritance?  In this passage we see something very beautiful. How Yehovah has things set up biblically for each person to get their inheritance. Their piece of the pie. Their riches if they are not cut out of the Father’s will. In the bible there are rules how to get this inheritance. How it works if there is children. How it works if there are sons. How it works if there are no sons that the girls get the inheritance. How all the details are worked out perfectly.

In this message we will look at one of Yehovah’s favorite person’s of all time. We will see about that amazing inheritance seen in his life. We will also look at the year of the sh'mittah and who is released from the debt and who you can demand payment from. We will then look at how there is a particular verse in scripture that gets you your discount double check.  



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