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Sandy The hurricane, Sandy Hook the school massacre could God be trying to tell us something in a name that ties together with scripture?

Amo 3:7  Adonai, God, does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

The message gets broken down into these sections:

SECTION 1: NOTHING IN SECRET. Chastisement does not happen out of the blue. There are warning signs. There are signs and wonders. Let us see the past so we can understand the parables of the future

SECTION 2: WHERE DOES THE NAME SANDY COME FROM? Two events very close together that have the name Sandy in it? There is a God and He is speaking if you know His language.

SECTION 3: A PICTURE DRAWN BY ADONAI. We will look at the five references to the name sandy, “Alexander”. The picture that is drawn from the Brit Hadasha scriptures. From assisting in carrying the cross. To doing harm to those who follow the cross.

SECTION 4: TRIALS THAT CAN SEPARATE OR DRAW YOU CLOSER. This section will focus on Iyob. How he was unaware of the test he was taking for our lives. How we are to examine his life and use it as an example for ourselves during great trials.

SECTION 5: HEART & MIND. Getting these two parts together is so difficult. Learning the biblical truth from church sayings is hard to hear sometimes. The goal is not your will but HIS will.

SECTION 6: HOW DOES THIS APPLY TO TODAY? What do these signs and wonders mean. Why hurricane sandy? Why the murdering of children at a school with the name Sandy? Why now? What is our King showing us in our events and the signs in modern parables?


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