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In this ever changing world of evolving values we need to be taught SOLID biblical values that never change. If you know there is a problem out there and want the answer listen to this message. There are a lot of Pastor’s and even Messianic rabbi’s telling us the problems. At BGMC we tell you the problem and give you the “BIBLICAL ANSWER”. The Hebrew roots way. No Talmud, no Christian manmade doctrines just straight biblical ways.

SECTION 1: PLEASE NOT IN WINTER. There is a dire warning given to us by the Messiah Himself. A prophecy of things to come and that we should pray about this terrible time. How do we avoid this time period? Will it happen in our lives? What is the key to stopping this time from happening in our lives?


SECTION 2: TO BE TAUGHT. The key of David is the key of knowledge. Knowledge of the Holy one is not enough, for satan has knowledge of YHVH personally. The keys we will learn in the section are based on how not to perish. If we know these keys and act on them then what was spoken about in section one will not happen in our lives.


SECTION 3: THE SWEET TASTE. Many times after leaving the bondage of this world we feel unsure until we get on solid ground. Sometimes storms come around us in our walk and we begin to worry. When we feel lost we worry. When we worry we sin. There may be times coming when we are wondering around and looking for some living water. We will go here and there looking for sweetness, but the water will be bitter. We will cry to our secular leaders and they will be no help. But if we know the ancient truths the bitter waters will become sweet.


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