421 reverence

יראה  yir'âh  BDB Definition: fear, terror, fearing, respect, reverence

You know that commercial “what’s in your wallet”. I ask what is your definition of Reverence? Does it line up with the scriptures?

SECTION 1: DOES HE EXIST? When witnessing the first thing one must find out is, does the person believe that there is a God? Does God exist? Do we believe that He exists? In our world today many families are being torn apart by divorce. How does a parent, leader or and adult give proof that there is a God that can’t be seen to a child? What does it mean to reverence something?

SECTION 2: BECOMING CHILDREN OF YEHOVAH. As we leave the old life we go on a journey. A journey that is truly amazing and even scary at some points. During those points when we are fearful many times we revert to our most foundational parts of our lives. Those foundations if you grow up as a Torah observant Messianic believers are good. But, many times when we are at the start of this journey those fearful times we revert right back to the ancient bondages. We as a people must learn how to break the cycle so that the next generation has a chance.

SECTION 3: REVERENCE. From the time a child can speak that child must be given the whole word of Yehovah. The child must be given the foundation so that when the evil enemy of God comes to speak deception the child will have so much knowledge inside they will be unshakable. Words are not enough to get through the battle. Actions must speak louder than words; our walk must be our talk. Children must be as prudent as snakes but have a life that is truly set on a solid foundation.    

SECTION 4: CHILDREN DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Distinguishing between Yehovah’s children and the children of the adversary. If Messiah were to look in the many different congregations would the words being spoken by the teachers of the word line up with His idea of truth? When that child grows up and truly begins to read and understand the word for themselves will they think of those teachers and their parents as hypocrites? What are the keys to not being deceived and not becoming a hypocrite? Is Yehovah giving us another chance we will look at the news to see if He is putting some on His left and some on His right. 


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