423 inside or outside the choice is solely yours

We are losing the homosexual war because the Christian thinks this; all you got to do is call on the name of jesus to go to heaven. If this is true then why does Yeshua the Messiah say in the final chapter of the bible in the Book of Revelation that there are people outside of heaven? In Rev. 22:15 the last part speaks of those who practice falsehood. Are you one of those people? We will explore the question what is true and what is false to GOD in this message and why the so-called follower of jesus is on quicksand.

SECTION 1: TO BE INSIDE HIS HOME FOR ETERNITY. Choices are difficult to make. Some of our choices will have eternal implications. Each and every person who has ever been born during their life they will be given the opportunity where they will spend eternity. In the Book of Revelation there is a listing of who is inside the Eternal home with Yehovah and who is outside. In this section we will delve deep into the Greek to get definitions of words that have deep consequences for all humanity. We will also ask the question why is there this list instead of the simple quote of “Those who love jesus will be in the Kingdom and those who don’t will not be”. Why is there a list of who is in and who is out?

SECTION 2: A HARD CHOICE TO GO AGAINST EVERYONE. Yeshua came to Jerusalem a few days before the Pesach being heralded by many people as King. Not all people were happy with what was going on. In fact most people both Jew and Gentile were against what was happening. Most people thought that this notion that Yeshua was the Messiah was ridicules. Sometimes we have to make choices that go against what most of the world thinks is correct. The most wonderful thing that we have, that most of those people shouting Yeshua name back then is, our own copy of the completed story. This section will focus on Yeshua’s triumphal entre into Jerusalem and the sadness that most of the body is paying no attention to this day that set everything in motion.

SECTION 3: I AM COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB. Most Christians have this saying “I am covered in the blood of the lamb”. The sad fact is most are not because, to be covered with the lambs blood you have celebrate a very particular Moed “Ordained Holy Day”. You cannot practice falsehood and claim to be covered in the blood. In this section we will go over what happens a few days before Pesach. We will put puzzle pieces together from the previous sections and see why Yeshua chose to ride into Jerusalem to His Fathers’ house on that particular day. For if you do not know when this day is you will miss the day to be covered in the blood of the lamb.

SECTION 4: THE BLOODY HUMBLE BRIDEGROOM. In the section we will revisit Yeshua’s triumphal entry into His Fathers’ house. We will refresh our memory about biblical clothing. This section we will be given our Hebrew Roots for without them we come to inaccurate conclusions in the Brit HaDasha. We will examine the word humble and who it applies to. We will then discover who was the first bloody bridegroom in the scriptures. What this was a foreshadow of and what it leads to. We will discover another key element in this section so we do not finding ourselves outside of heaven after we pass on from this life to the next.

SECTION 5: I AM COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB. The real follower of Messiah walks in accordance to His personnel example. I true believer does not follow traditions made by men but stands firmly on the word of Yehovah that never changes. A true follower proclaims the truth even though many do not want to hear it. There is an ordained feast where all people do get covered by the blood. The feast is one we are to remember for all time for it is the day that Yehovah watches over HIS people. Are you one of HIS people natural and or grafted in? This section will give the answer and end with the list of who will be inside and who will be outside so that you can make your own choice.

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