426 distinguishing between the holy and the common

SECTION 1: THE LIVING WORD IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR LIVES. The very book that my family has been given as a covenant from our King is under attack. Yehovah gave His words to my people the Hebrew’s so we could learn them and live by them. He said by living these words you will know what I love and what I hate. These words would also be for those Gentiles wanting to be part of His ways also. He promised that if we follow these words carefully, that He would always walk with us. But these words that are the pillars of our lives are under attack by the secularist pagans and those who say they are followers of the same God. The secularists say these words in the bible are hatful. The Romanized church says we no longer need the first half of these words given to us by Yehovah Himself. In this first section of the message we will seek to understand what His righteousness means. Then we will go deeper and understand how scripture is living and alive but does not change. We will then discover how prayers really do get answered biblically.

SECTION 2: ARE YOU A CONSECRATED TOOL. Learning a new job can be very, very difficult. Learning new responsibilities can be challenging but rewarding. Along with new higher responsibilities come people lives that are relying on you. If you excel then business does well. If you fail the business does badly, jobs are lost and people lives are adversely and severely affected. As leaders and a royal priesthood our King expects more from us then He does from people who are not called by His name. In this section we will look at determining what is holy and what is common. What we are expected to do and how we get blessed. What happens when we fail and the lashings we will have to endure. Finally in this section we will truly take a deeper look at what the world and the Romanized church “considers” to be holy and compare that with what Yeshua thinks is holy.   

SECTION 3: THE JOURNEY. Our bible is so amazing and true. I say it is true because some of the accounts that happen to people would not be in there if this book was a bunch of made up stories. We should learn how painful the journey was for some people. How those lessons need to be engrained into our minds so we do not have to feel the sting of HIS whip and chastisement. Lessons that if we do not learn are even more painful for us today because Yehovah has exhausted all forms of teaching. He spoke it, wrote it, walked in it…all for our benefit. In this final section we will discover that heaven and hell are real. We will see from both ends of the scriptures that there is a true place called heaven for those who are not only consecrated but follow the rules given by Yehovah. Also that there is a real place called hell for those who do not follow the rules.  


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