446 Mayim Chayim “living water”


SECTION 1: THE LESSON FROM THE WELL. Yeshua speaks about how He is the living water to a woman who was in the blood line. He speaks to her about her adulterous life. He speaks to her about “Mayim Chayim”. She wants the Mayim Chayim but she really does not understand what it is. She does not understand because her tribe has mixed the truth with lies. So when the glass of living water was presented to her she did not know what it was. In this first section we will look at the layers of truth being spoken of to a person who forgot the roots.

SECTION 1B:WEDDING AT KANAH. Why was this the first Brit Hadasha miracle? What does it have to do with us today? How does marriage stand against the enemy? How does inviting Messiah to your wedding feast change everything? How does one glass of water change the whole marriage? How does this account show us the sweet taste for those who stay till the end, and get to taste the sweetest wine ever made? What does all this have to do with “Mayim Chayim”.

SECTION 1 C: LAW OF JEALOUSY. The water of embitterment is as true today as it was when first established. Many so-called followers of the word both Jew and Gentile alike think we do not have to follow the perfect torah of our King. They say we can’t follow or we do not have to follow. Both sets of people are wrong, for the King of kings never changes. In this section we will use the knowledge gained in previous sections and learn about the law of jealousy and embitterment. We will see later in subsequent sections of this message how Yehovah thinks HIS LAWS still apply in our time but it is not just for the Jew but for all people.

SECTION 1D: I WAS A HUSBAND TO THEM. Yehovah is our King but He also calls Himself our husband. We will learn about stones in this section. The stone from the previous section now hollowed out inside of us. We will see that way back even in the “Old Testament” there was a prophecy about a personal relationship with Yehovah. How this scripture ties together with the wedding at Kanah and the living water.

SECTION 2: WATER TAKES MANY SHAPES. Water is a fascinating thing. It never stays the same it is constantly changing. If it is cold it is ice but if the temperature changes 1 degree the water will begin to change its state. Are we like that. In this section we will look at our state of matter

SECTION 2B: NO WINE AT THE WEDDING. Our state has changed so much that we have forgotten our beloved. This was prophesied about in the Book of Yirmeyahu. How our cistern is broken. How do we forget so easily? Why is it that we run to Abba when we have a problem and we forget to invite Him in, in our joy? He is jealous and there is a cost for our “Disrespecting” Him.

SECTION 2C: WATER SIGNS AND WONDERS. We left Egypt and there were no stores in the desert. No ATM’s. No restaurants. But our King fed us with bread from heaven and living water from a rock. Why is it so easy to forget the miracles in our lives and follow the evil on instead? Now we will see what happens if we follow and obey and of we don’t. In this section we will answer the question posed earlier. The question about the water of embitterment and jealousy to see if we are still under the “LAW”.

SECTION 3: THE SPECIAL INGREDIENT IN THE WATER. Perfect things need perfect ingredients. Only when you understand the law of embitterment and the law of jealousy will understand how important a little piece of wood is.


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