448 preparing to meet the bridegroom


Gen 24:56  He answered them, "Don't delay me, since Adonai has made my trip successful, but let me go back to my master."

Gen 24:57  They said, "We will call the girl and see what she says."

Gen 24:58  They called Rivkah and asked her, "Will you go with this man?" and she replied, "I will."

SECTION 1: ENGAGEMENT. In this section we will look at what it means to be engaged to be married. What is the woman supposed to be doing and what the man is supposed to be doing? We will look at Rivkah and her Gentile family. We will see how pagans try to change the contract and what the answer is. We will look at the blessings of Miriam. What happens when we agree to the terms of marriage? What blessings come from being faithful to the verbal contract?

SECTION 2: I GOT TO PREPARE. The joy of preparing for the arrival of a new baby. The anticipation of waiting to pick up a new car. The smell of diner being prepared when you walk in from a hard day at work. The looking up to the heavens for the return of our Messiah. Right now we are waiting because He is building a new home for us. He says I go to prepare a home for you. The key to this section is are we preparing to meet Him. What will be the signs of His return and what does the lesson of the 144,000 have to do with this? What does admitting our sins have to do with this incredible return?

SECTION 3: THE PICTURE OF ISRAEL IS NOW THE PICTURE OF THE “BODY”. Those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it. We need to study HISstory so we don’t repeat the mistakes of Israel’s past. A look at the prophet Hoshea and how this is a picture of Israel yesterday and today. Even more so it is a picture of the so-called body of Messiah. This section will focus on how we have become this prostitute Hoshea married. How when we look at what was written and look at the followers of jesus you see a sad, sad parallel. This section will focus on the past so we can see the future. The future that is ours if we don’t stop breaking our contracts to our betrothed.


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