Parash 36 BeHa’alothekha:   B’Midbar/ Numbers 8:1-12:16


Synopsis  the Moshe/Moses receives the law regarding the lampstand, the sanctification of the Levites, the silver trumpets, the quail; Aaron and Miriam speak against Moses 

Theme & Message The theme of this portion is about establishing a relationship with the Lord through humility, responsibility and obedience. We watch as the newly freed slaves struggle to understand their new identity as servants of a mighty God and King.. Just as any of us struggles to learn the likes and dislikes of a new teacher or a new employer, the ancient Israelites learned know their God and how to please Him. The persistent contrast between the humble approach of Moses and the pride of some of the community members throughout this parash emphasizes the rewards and power poured out to those with humble hearts. The severity of the punishments towards the prideful people is shocking, but necessary.  Humility is just the beginning. The Lord speaks to us clearly about the responsibilities and the obedience required by those who would serve Him. Those of us who have been freed from the bondage of sin need to take the time to get to know our Father in Heaven. We need not  be discouraged by our mistakes along the way, because the Lord is faithful to sustain us and strengthen us. He keeps His promises. Once we are saved, we need to be ever mindful that we are saved for a purpose – His purposes, in fact. WE have new expectations of obedience in order to fulfill our new responsibilities.


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