Parasha 1 B’resheet/Genesis 1:1-6:8 “In the Beginning”

Prophetic reading Yeshaiyahu (Isaiah) 42:5-43:10

Synopsis The Parasha name comes from the first words of the first line of that particular Scripture. B’resheet 1:1 In the Beginning. This particular Parasha has an incredible amount of information. From Elohiym (God) forming our universe by His word, to the Triune nature of God being reviled; Deception; Lies; Sin; Banishment from the Garden; Murder; Deceit, to finally the giants (Nephilim) mating with humans.


Theme & Message

Chapter 1: Elohiym “God’s”  creates the world and everything in it, on it, and above it in 6 days.

Chapter 2: The formation of man. How Elohiym breaths life into the nostrils of His creation. The first Mitzvoh (Commandment) from God. Don’t eat of the tree. The protection of  His child in protecting him from the world. The compassion and love God shows for man with not wanting him to be alone. Forms Chavah from Adam rib.

Chapter 3: The Fall. All though being under grace and having only one (1) rule to follow Adam & Chavah fall to temptation and sin. Our adversary hasatan (satan) deceives Chavah into eating the forbidden fruit from the tree the Lord said not to eat from.  The killing of the first animal.

Chapter 4: Offerings, Murder and lies. The Lord accepts one gift but not the other. The promise of protection even in the wilderness for God’s chosen people.

Chapter 5: The Generations from Adam to Noach. The hidden message in the names when translated into there English meanings.

Chapter 6: The depravity of mankind when no rules are given. The sexual relations of women to the Nephilim. The Lord’s anger with His creations. But Noach finds grace in the Lord’s sight.




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