Parasha 002 Noach (Noah) B’resheet  6:9 -11:32

Haftorah (Prophetic) reading: Yeshaiyahu (Isaiah) 52:1 – 55:5


Synopsis Adonai (God), Noach, the fall of man and the flood. The Building of the Teiveh (Arc) and the gathering of the animals.  All breathing creatures on land and in the air perish except for the eight (8). Noach thanking the Lord and building an alter to Him. Noach getting drunk. Two sons having compassion on there father but the one who mocks and his fall from grace. The tower of babble and the scattering of the people to no longer be able to speak one language.


Theme & Message Man was under grace at this time in the world’s history. The Law Adonai gives to Moshe (Moses) has not come into this world. After man was kicked out of the Garden we as a people grew further and further away from righteousness. The anger of God burned against His creation. But He finds one man that would find favor in His sight, Noach. The Lord commissions Noach to build an Arc. To this point there had been no rain ever. Noach would have to endure much persecution from his community during the build of this project that Adonai asked for.

            The message that you find in this Torah portion (Parasha) is stay close to the way Adonai wants things done. As a child of Adonai, He has given you this rule book (Bible) to follow. He has made known what He likes and what He finds repulsive. That is why Messiah stated that He will be coming back when the times are like in the days of Noach ( Mat 24:37-39) The greatest understanding of the flood is that we can learn from the past and the mistakes those people. The people of the earth did not have the Scriptures to be able to reference what Adonai likes and dislikes. He had put His Spirit in them but they did not listen to there own hearts. That is why we need the Bible because our heart can deceive us..



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